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Statement on Racial Injustice 

In light of ongoing protests and civil unrest across the united states, ignited by the  cruel and unjust death of George Floyd, the Houston Council of the Blind (HCB) puts forth this statement regarding racial injustice in our country.  The killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer (whose duty is to protect life) stems from a long history of institutional and systemic racism which has permeated the country for centuries.  This act, along with countless others, aimed at black Americans, seeks to diminish the value of human life of these citizens.  

For years Black people in America have suffered the indignity of inequality, personified by  inadequate housing, low paying jobs, inferior education, and unequal access to proper healthcare.  In addition, we have a justice system which seems to more harshly punish Black people while rewarding those who perpetrate unjust acts against Black citizens. 

At HCB, we believe that every life has value.  No matter what a person’s race, creed or color is, we believe that everyone has something to offer the cause.  We have one primary common bond; that is, we come together because of blindness and or low vision.  And even with that, we have  felt the pain of discrimination, of being passed by or looked over.  But we’ve learned that when we come together; when we Help each other; when we Care for one another; when we seek to Build each other up, we have, and we can, achieve much! 

HCB calls on each of its members and the community at large to take an individual self assessment.  All of us will play a part in where we go as an organization, as a community and as a country going forward.  We must ask ourselves some pointed questions such as:
Do I judge people by the color of their skin or by the content of their character? 
What can I do to spread love instead of hate? 
What can I do to Help, Care for, and Build up the people I come in contact with? 

HCB:  Helping, Caring, Building